Qantas Will Reduce Waste By 75 Percent in The Next 3 Years. Here’s How You Can Help

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We already love reusable coffee mugs, metal straws, and sustainable fashion, but now Qantas are showing us how eco-friendly practices are really done. Its new waste reduction plan is the first of its kind by any airline in the world and will cut its waste that ends up in landfill by 75 percent by the end of 2021.

Yep, Qantas has announced an ambitious plan to reuse, recycle and compost at least three-quarters of its general waste by the end of 2021. This will make it the world’s first airline to cut its waste so dramatically and take a lead on environmental issues.

The airline has already stopped using plastic straws and removed plastic wrapping on its pyjamas and headsets. Even its plastic Frequent Flyer cards are becoming digital.

And there’s no slowing down in sight. To hit its 75 percent target, Qantas will introduce coffee cups that can be recycled or composted, eliminate single-use plastics wherever possible, recycle uniforms, and encourage alternatives to unnecessary paper like boarding passes. The airline will also donate or compost even more of its leftover food.

Qantas is well on track to hit that ambitious target, but there are things that passengers can do to help.

Next time you’re travelling, check in online where possible to avoid a paper boarding pass, bring your KeepCups to our lounges or with you onboard, and assist Qantas by disposing of your waste in the appropriate bins throughout your journey.

To further assist Qantas in reducing its environmental impact, you can choose to pay a small amount to offset the carbon produced by your Qantas flight. So, how does that work, exactly? Basically, the folks at Qantas do some sums to figure out how much carbon dioxide your flight is responsible for, then takes your contribution (usually just a couple of bucks) and invests it in carbon offset projects (things like renewable energy, conservation, and reforestation) or initiatives that remove that amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

To encourage travellers to get involved in the carbon offset project, from mid-2019, you’ll get 10 Frequent Flyer points for every dollar that you spend offsetting your flights out of and around Australia.

Qantas has the largest carbon offset scheme of any airline in the world, and together with this new waste reduction program the airline will reduce its environmental impact dramatically, meaning you can feel even better about your next holiday.

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(Lead image: Qantas)