Qantas Is Planning Non-Stop Flights From Sydney To London, New York And Paris

See you on-board.

If you’re over lengthy stopovers that chew up your precious holiday time, you’re in for a treat – in a top priority initiative dubbed Project Sunrise, Qantas has plans for 20-hour non-stop flights from Sydney to London, Paris, New York and Rio.

The original Kangaroo Route from Australia to London took four days, stopping seven times along the way. In the 40 years since, Qantas has worked hard on cutting down that flight time – achieving a 20-hour flight with just one stop over.

During that time, it continued to do its bit to make passengers’ journeys more comfortable – from inventing business class in 1979 to working with scientists to reduce jet lag in 2017. Onya, Qantas.

Now, the airline has set its sights on the next frontier – non-stop flights from Australia’s east coast to destinations London, New York, Paris and Rio. It’s set to take off by 2022.

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The mission’s Project Sunrise name was derived from the game-changing “Double Sunrise” flights — those that lasted long enough to see two sunrises — which Qantas flew across the Indian Ocean in WWII.

Thanks to them, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and arrive at your destination a lot sooner than expected. See you on-board.

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