The Last Qantas Boeing 747 Drew A Kangaroo In The Sky Before It Retired, So That’s Cute

In sort of cute and very bitter sweet news, the last Boeing 747 (aka the last passenger jumbo jet) has been retired from the Qantas fleet. Not before it drew a kangaroo over the Pacific Ocean with its final flight path though.

Named ‘Queen of the Skies’, the plane departed from Sydney airport and went off on its merry way to retirement in the Mojave Desert in the United States. Why is it retiring there? I have no actual clue, but I assume it enjoys the warmth and laid back lifestyle.

The retirement of the fleet was brought forward by six months, thanks to that whole coronavirus pandemic/ no international flights thing. You see now why it’s bitter?

Apparently they held a fond farewell to the planes, with video tributes and poem recitals, in Sydney before takeoff, which the ABC reports had more than a few tears.

The pilot was Qantas’ first female Captain, Sharelle Quinn, which makes the whole thing more iconic to me.

I’ve never fully understood why people get so sentimental about planes specifically, but as I’m gathering from the reactions, they really do.

Others were expecting something entirely different to be mapped out in the sky, and with the hype I can understand why.

I mean, I’d absolutely click on that story. That would have been a mic drop for the ages.

(Lead Image: Twitter / Qantas)