Kaleidoscopic Concept Shows What It’s Like Inside A Diamond

As you’d expect, it’s incredibly beautiful.

The most wonderfully weird art instillation has popped up in Shanghai, China, providing visitors with a glimpse of what it’s like inside an enormous diamond. As you’d expect, it’s incredibly beautiful.

Prismverse is the brainchild of multimedia artist Chris Cheung and his team, known collectively as XEX. Guests are invited to explore the sparkly playground, admiring the glimmering kaleidoscope of colours, which shift and alter with every step.

The entire concept was inspired by how light expands and amplifies when illuminated through a cut diamond. To recreate the effect, XEX filled the space with hundreds of complex geometrical tessellated mirrors and LED floor panels.

XEX Primverse Shanghai


Multi-directional speakers bathe visitors in an ambient soundscape, where sound is equally distributed to every direction, creating an unreal atmosphere.

Audiences are encouraged to take the time to explore the brilliance of the Primverse from every angle.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Take the Maglev Train to Longyang Road
  • Change to Subway Line 2 to People’s Square
  • Walk 400m
  • Raffles City, 268 Xizang Middle Road, Huangpu, Shanghai


(All Images: XEX / Facebook)