Please Look At The Clever Ways New Yorkers Are Taking Their Dogs On The Subway

Dogs can only go on the subway if they fit into a bag. Challenge accepted.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is the organisation that governs what can and can’t happen inside New York City’s subway system, and while they do a lot of great work in terms of keeping the underground system clean and safe, they recently crossed a line.

The MTA announced that they were banning dogs in the subway unless they can fit into a small bag. So what are New Yorkers doing? Putting pooches anywhere they’ll fit in a bid to ensure their four-legged friends can go wherever they do.

This is Mika. He was visiting from Japan. He had a very nice time in the bag.

Traveling in style

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It was Brady’s first time in the subway system and he was a very good boy.

Brady’s first NYC subway ride! #bradythehusky #champion #subwaydog #dogsofnyc @fpgallardo1990 #dogsofinstagram

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 Just waiting for a mate.


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Even sick dogs gotta ride.

Ma, I can’t wait to get this silly cone off!

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Spoiler alert: they missed the train

This angel rides shotgun

Tori isn’t sold though

why #shibainu #dog #subwaydog

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Rhat’s Roing Ron???

Just “hanging out”.

This is Poopface (yes, real name) and he is a professional smile maker.

Underground doggy game = upped

IKEA bag

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