Where To Stay, Eat And Play On The Central Coast For A Pet-Friendly Getaway

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Remember how every person you know adopted a dog during lockdown? Well now we’re out of lockdown, borders are opening and road tripping is becoming the travel trend of 2020. So what do you do with your fur baby now you can finally escape your home?

Take them with you.

The good thing about a road trip is that you decide who gets a ride, and as long as you do just a little planning beforehand, it’s pretty easy to find accomodation and other stops along the way that will allow your pet to stay with you.

If you’re looking for a weekend away from Sydney, the Central Coast is actually one of the most dog-friendly spots to holiday — pretty easy on the eyes as well.


Mystic waves, Wamberal


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Havng stayed here myself, let me tell you it’s everything you need for a ‘Gram worthy beach getaway. The three-bedroom home is right across the road from Wamberal Beach, which is the perfect spot for walking dogs. There’s even a leash-free dog park nearby at Terrigal’s The Haven.

Kokomo, Umina and Booker Bay


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Three cute Umina Beach Holiday Flats and one vintage caravan make up Kokomo Properties — and they’re all pet-friendly, just like the nearby Umina Beach. Or, try the larger beach cottage at Booker Bay which is easy walking distance to more ocean and beautiful walking trails.

Cooindah by the Beach, Macmasters Beach


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The only thing better than a holiday by the beach, is a holiday by the beach when your accomodation also has a pool. This rental property in the leafy and secluded part of the Central Coast called MacMasters is all that, plus the perfect place for entertaining.

Pineview, North Avoca


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The North Avoca lagoon is pet-friendly, as well as just being a great and pretty place to hang out. Pineview is a bright, open beach house directly across the road from North Avoca beach and lagoon that’ll have you and your fur baby feeling very chilled out by the end of your trip.

Malolo at Macs, Macmasters Beach


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Now THIS place is adorable. Beachy chic, yet very modern and minimalist — which is exactly my kind of vibe. It’s set amongst the leafy bush, but is easy 500m walk to the beach. It’s not only dog-friendly, but family-friendly so feel free to also bring the kiddos.


Saddles at Mt White


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This bakehouse, eatery and nursery is set on 10 hectares of land, surrounded by bush. They’ve really taken inspiration from local horse saddlers, even making the seats at the dining room bar unique saddle chairs. The best part is your pet is welcome, just sit outside.

Box on the Water, Ettalong


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Locals love this spot on the Ettalong Waterfront. Its unique box shape is hard to miss, and it has three sections — the bar, the restaurant and the beach kiosk. There’s plenty of outdoor dining space, but it’s also surrounded by parks and places to sit if you choose to takeaway.

Munchas café, Shelly Beach Surf Club


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Have you even been to the Central Coast if you have had some grub from one of the many Surf Club-adjacent cafes? As an ex-local I can tell you no, you haven’t. Munchas brings some particularly tasty treats to their menu, all while making it super easy to bring your dog along.


Pet Resorts Australia, Terrigal


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Just in case you still need a day to do your own human things, Pet Resorts Australia is quite the bougie pet accomodation for longer-term stays or just for doggy daycare. Heck, you could even just book your pooch in to get pamper in the spa facilities or lap pool. Told you it was bougie.

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