Perth Just Had The Most Stunning Sunrise Ever And We’ve Got The Photos To Prove It

Australia’s famous for many things – and one of those things is our glorious, gorgeous sunsets, especially over the water.

Though it was raining and cold across much of Australia’s east coast yesterday, Western Australia was treated to a particularly beautiful sunrise, as though rewarding the earliest dawn risers.

The first dawn skies were lit up by spectacular hues of red, gold, purple, orange and blue, flooding the skies across cityscapes and water, creating a truly mesmerising scene.

Distant smoke, the result of nearby burn-offs, added an extra dramatic effect to the whole scene. Meanwhile, rolling clouds added a textured feel, reflecting a yellow blaze across the horizon.

Of course, Perth locals celebrated the wonderful natural sight by snapping as many pictures as possible – and luckily for us, many of these were shared over social media.

(Lead image: Renato Ferreira/Twitter)