7 Essential Purchases For Your Next Holiday

Stock up on these essentials before you take off and make your next vacay a truly smooth time away.

Brought to you by Qantas

This feature is brought to you by Qantas, who are proud to play a part in bringing travellers together with the people they love from around Australia and across the globe.

Your flights are booked, accommodation is locked in, you’ve rustled up your passport… Forgotten something? Probably.

In our last-minute rush to get everything sorted before a big trip, there are always a few necessary items that seem to elude our grasp. Don’t be left in the lurch when you arrive at your destination: stock up on these essentials before you take off and make your next vacay a truly smooth time away.

#1 The Right Footwear

Thongs, jandals, sandals – call them what you want – the fact of the matter is, these things are both very easy to forget to pack (and also very easy to lose). But, on a sun-drenched trip, they’re also the one accessory you truly wish you didn’t forget to pack.

We’ve all got our favourite pair, and forking out for replacements at the other end is never as satisfying as toting along our favourites from home. If your current pair’s worn out and you need a refresh, get onto THE ICONIC for a last-minute online order before you leave.

#2 Sunglasses

The same can very easily be said for your precious eyeballs– is there anything worse than arriving at a glorious beach and not having the requisite sunglass protection?

Stay cool, fashionable, and protect those gorgeous pupils from harmful UV rays with a sweet polarised pair of sunnies from ASOS or shop designer men’s shades at Mr Porter.

#3 Swim Gear

Assuming you’re off to the Bahamas and not the Baltics, swim gear is one of those pieces of holiday wear too often left behind in the last-minute rush.

So, let’s check the inventory: how’s your bikini situation? Good to go, or time for a refresh? (There’s always room for a back-up). Take a look at the range of goods over at Seafolly or Surfstitch, and make sure you splash into those destination waters without hassle or fuss.

And if you’re planning on lazing about the hotel pool, live the luxe life and add a Sunnylife inflatable float to your  suitcase. You won’t regret it.

#4 Universal Adaptor Plug

You arrive at your luxe hotel, you open your bag to charge up your electronics, and – no matter how hard you try – the damn plugs won’t fit in the wall.

New destinations bring all sorts of surprises, one of the most common being foreign electrical sockets – without an adaptor, you’re stuck with a bunch of unusable, though very crucial, gadgets.

Stay powered up without a hitch and ditch voltage-conversion anxiety with a universal adapter plug. But don’t get stung with hefty prices at the airport – Kogan offers a bunch of sweet deals online for generic units, otherwise Apple provides individual and world travel adaptor kits for your iPhone, iPad and Macbook (which is definitely one thing you really don’t want to have to sort out at your destination!)

#5 Gym Gear

Ok, so not all of us will be sliding on the spandex for a workout when the the alternative is sipping cocktails by a beach at sunset. But those keen to keep the endorphins flowing amidst all the fun and R’n’R would do well not to forget their fitness essentials, which are easy to pack prior to your trip and frustrating to find once you’ve left home.

Rebel’s your trusted pal for activewear – whether you’re planning to hit the hotel gym or go hiking – or load your luggage up with some new Lululemon tights and you’re ready to get your sweat on.

#6 Lithium Battery

Not long ago, only hardcore tech mavens would have been carting around a secondary power source for their phones and electronics. Not so today — when you’re on the road, having access to directions, destination info, and booking confirmations is paramount, and the last thing you want is a prematurely drained mobile phone or laptop. Jump on eBay for a neat new lithium ion battery and ensure you’re juiced to the nines wherever in the world you happen to be.

#7 Toiletries

Contact lens solution, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cosmetics, floss, shampoo, bar soap, nail clippers, mirror – the list goes on. Creature comforts and necessities ought not be left behind when we take a sabbatical from our ordinary habitats.

Be sure to make your travel swag fitted out with all the bathroom staples you need (Priceline has you covered). And if you’re flying, don’t forget to pack a couple of those plastic zip-lock bags.

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