This Hotel Only Costs $1 A Night, But There’s One (Creepy) Catch

There’s a lot to consider when you’re picking a hotel: how close is it to the things you want to do, does it have a live-in dog, and how much does it cost? If an exxy hotel could make or break your holiday, the One Dollar Hotel in Japan might be the perfect solution.

A night in this hotel only costs $1, but your stay will be livestreamed to the entire world.

Officially known as the Asahi Ryokan, the One Dollar Hotel reserves Room 8 for this ~interesting~ deal. Guests who choose this room will get accommodation for just ¥100 (roughly AU$1.35), but their actions will be broadcast live to the hotel’s YouTube channel.

The hotel is run by Tetsuya Inoue, a millennial who wanted to spice up the hotel’s experience for young travellers. “This is a very old ryokan and I was looking into a new business model,” Inoue told CNN Travel. “Our hotel is on the cheaper side, so we need some added value, something special that everyone will talk about.”

And he, uh, definitely did that.

One Dollar Hotel: Japan Hotel Room Costs $1 If You Livestream Your Stay

The hotel posted its first YouTube video on November 7 and has since gained more than 11,000 subscribers. The most popular livestream from the room has clocked up 61,000 views in two days. When the channel accumulates 4000 view hours, Inoue will be able to run ads on the livestreams to make up for the fact the hotel only earns $1 for the room.

But just because it’s livestreamed doesn’t mean you lose all your privacy if you stay here. The bathroom is off-camera, the stream doesn’t have audio and you’re free to turn off the lights. Just maybe don’t bring a Tinder date back here.

I, for one, would absolutely stay in the One Dollar Hotel. Hope you’re ready to see me rewatch The Office and eat a truly embarrassing amount of chocolate.

(Lead image: One Dollar Hotel / Twitter)