This Spectacular Drone Footage Captures Iceland’s Insane Natural Beauty

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From the deepest valleys to the highest mountains and the dancing northern lights, a group of filmmakers have released new drone footage showing the insane natural beauty of Iceland.

The video, titled The North Awakens, takes audiences on a five-minute virtual journey through the land of fire and ice.

The project was team effort, with film-makers Jonathan Besler, Kevin May and Florian Gampert all pitching in. Besler told MailOnline Travel the footage was shot during the summer of 2017, taking two months to film.

He added that the greatest thing he witnessed was the Northern Lights, which put on a dazzling display above a sea of fog. “It was just breathtaking to see this scenery all night,” he said.

You can see more of Besler’s adventures on Instagram.

(Lead image: Mahkeo)