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New York Just Discovered Freakshakes And Everyone Is Going Nuts

Who did it better – Australia or the US?

We all know New Yorkers love their food – so much so that they’re even willing to pay upwards of $100 for a 24-karat gold doughnut. It’s a city known for their pizza, cronuts and epic burgers, but something has just hit Manhattan that’s making New Yorkers squeal with joy. Too bad us Aussies already did it first.

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I mean, how do you even begin to eat that!? While they’re a little less, dare I say, classy than their Canberran counterparts, these delectable freakshakes are sweeping the streets of NYC and Instagram is rightly going off.

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Black Tap in SOHO is where you’ll find these sugary delights – funnily enough desserts aren’t really known as their forte. It’s primarily a hamburger restaurant where you can sip on a locally sourced craft beer while you nosh on a greasy bacon burger and short cut fries. Everything is over-the-top at Black Tap – just look at their Instagram if you’re ever feeling hungry – so these insanely sugary creations fit right in.

Oh look! It’s birthday cake on a milkshake!


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Their staple flavours are Cotton Candy, Cookie and the Sweet N Salty (which you can spy below), but they do many special made to order creations if you ask nicely. Over Christmas there was an oreo/candy cane concoction and even a colourful Hanukkah shake complete with mini menorahs and a huge swirly lollipop.

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Black Tap regularly rotate their freakshake menu so you never know what you’re going to get when you rock up – but there’s no doubt it’ll be pretty delicious.

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