NASA’s Out-Of-This-World Space Exhibition Has Landed In Australia

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For anyone who dreams about going into space but doesn’t have the stamina for decades of astronaut training, Queensland Museum’s mammoth new exhibition NASA – A Human Adventure is the next best thing. In an Australian exclusive, the NASA exhibition has taken over the Queensland Museum with a loving ode to space exploration.

Hundreds of astronautical treasures will be on display, from objects that have actually been into space to high-fidelity models and replicas – we’re talking about space suits, moon boots, rocket engines, and rovers.

A space suit, part of the NASA - A Human Adventure exhibition at the Queensland Museum

Image: Jouni Salo

Get up close and personal with miniature replicas of iconic ships like NASA’s Space Shuttle and the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury space crafts. There’s even a full-sized replica of the Apollo Command Module so visitors can get a glimpse into how the craft would have been controlled from the ground during the mission.

The NASA exhibition even includes items from the Soviet Union space programs like the Lunokhod moon walker.

Replica space craft, part of the NASA - A Human Adventure exhibition at the Queensland Museum. nasa exhibition queensland museum

Image: Norrköping

All of these historic and replica items chart NASA’s adventures through space, from the early dreamers to the moon walk, and even the inspiration that came from sci-fi connoisseurs like Jules Verne and HG Wells.

NASA – A Human Adventure has been touring the world to rave reviews, and its residency at the Queensland Museum will be its first and only stop in Australia.

The exhibition runs until October 9. For more information, or to get your space-bound hands on some tickets, visit the Queensland Museum website.

(Lead image: AFP Photo / NASA/ Handout)