Forget Flowers, Buy Mum Something That’ll Last At These Rare Indoor Plant Sales

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Am I a little obsessed with The Jungle Collective and their rare plant sales? Yes, I can’t deny it. Does that mean that it’s not still a better idea to spend money on a living plant over cut flowers? Hell no.

When you think about it, you’re spending a minimum of $30 on a decent floral arrangement that will die a few weeks later. Or, you can spend the same amount of money on a new plant baby for Mum that will be alive (for as long as her green thumb allows).

From 8am until 2pm on Saturday, May 8 and Sunday, May 9, you can bring Mum along to the rare indoor plant sale for $5 off your purchase. I mean, I go every time without my Mother or a discount, so why the heck not?

A little word of advice from someone who really needs to start blocking their emails so I can finally start saving money — the early bird gets the worm. Tickets are free, but you do need one, and the earlier in the day, the better the plant selection.

Last time, I finally got my hands on one of these babies — aren’t they adorable?:

But it took a few sales to lock one down, as they kept selling out by my midday arrival. And really, if you’re not in time for the rare plants, you may as well just go to Bunnings (no shade though, also love Bunnings).

You can book tickets for Sydney here, and Melbourne here. Happy planting, folks.

(Lead image: Facebook / The Jungle Collective)