The Most Instagrammed Attractions Of 2017

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On your travels are around, there are some essential stops you’ve gotta make, and some essential snaps you’ve gotta take. Times Square? Tick. London Bridge? Tick. Eiffel Tower? Tick.

Overnight, Instagram revealed the most geo-tagged attractions for 2017, and you guys really love Disney, huh? The Happiest Place on Earth took out four of the top 10 spots this year, with a number of beloved New York City locations also in the mix.

Scroll down to see if your favourite made the list.

#1 Disneyland, Anaheim, USA

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#2 Times Square, New York City, USA

#3 Central Park, New York City, USA

#4 Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

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#5 Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo, Japan

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#6 Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, USA

#7 Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

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#8 Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, USA

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#9 Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim, USA

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#10 Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA

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(Lead image: Thomas Kelley)