Get A Load Of The 6 Most Instagrammable Places In South Australia

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Having recently visited, let me just tell you that South Australia has a type of Australian beauty I’ve never seen before. From farmland, to pink (!!) lakes, to rugged outback, this is one state perfect for you ‘Gram glow-up.

It’s hard to narrow them down, but we’ve managed to cull it down to six places around SA that are guaranteed to result in amazing photos, even if you’re not a photographer.

#1 Kangaroo Island

Not even the devastating bushfires could wipe out the beauty of Kangaroo Island. White sand, crystal clear blue waters and still a sanctuary for native wildlife.

#2 Coober Pedy

Whether you’re underground or at standing besides the Hollywood-esque sign, there’s no place like Coober Pedy, and therefore there are no photos like the ones you can take here.

#3 Barossa Valley


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I was prepared for the wine to be amazing in the Barossa, but I wasn’t prepared for how gorgeous the vineyard views would be. Even the hay bales were magic.

#4 Flinder’s Ranges


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Hands down the most amazing view I’ve ever seen in Australia, and yes, I’ve been to all the beaches. The rugged desert landscape, and the soft red glow of the rocks and dirt at sunset are just *kissy fingers*.

#5 Lake MacDonnell


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South Australia has a few pink lakes, but none so famous as Lake MacDonnell. It’s the high salt concentration that makes it appear salmon pink on clear days.

#6 Eyre Peninsula


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From beaches to salt lakes, the Eyre Penisula has it all. For a particularly eye-catching shot, head out to Australia’s third largest salt lake, Lake Gairdner.

(Lead Image: Tourism Australia / Maxime Coquard)