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Melbourne’s Margarita Festival Is The Next Best Thing To Visiting Mexico

For lovers of lime and salt.

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If you like your cocktails with salt and lime, then get ready. Melburnians, a Margarita Festival is coming to a bar near you, bringing a slice of Mexico to the southern capital.

There’ll be six unique takes of the famous cocktail up for grabs. Some of the most interesting include a taco chilli salt rim, or fresh capsicum and capsicum syrup with 1927 liqueur Ancho Reyes. But the one we’re most vibing on comes with toasted coconut, coriander and kumquat. Yum.

There’ll be bar staff on hand to go through the process of making (and more importantly drinking) these delicious beverages.

Head down to Cookie in Melbourne from 1pm on Sunday March 5 to catch the festival. It’s the perfect opportunity to say cheers to the weekend.

(Lead image: Lee Coursey/Flickr)