Mayonnaise Ice Cream Exists And We Just Don’t Know Any More

What a year for culinary invention. We’ve had pickle ice cream, rainbow pizza and taco croissants and now Scotland is in on the act with Ice, a gelateria in Falkirk, offering up the new concoction of mayonnaise ice cream.

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The store is known for dishing up new flavours each day, with delicious ice cream flavours such as strawberry cheesecake, Monster energy drink, peanut butter chunk or Oreo. The new flavour is a melange of plain ice cream and Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise which, as users on Twitter have pointed out, isn’t such a crazy idea – egg-based custard ice cream of course being a similar concoction.

The new flavour has made a bit of a stir around the world, with the Today show in the USA picking up the news. Kyle Gentleman, owner of Ice Falkirk, told the show the mayonnaise ice cream is a “full on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste … yum!”

We’ll let you decide whether this is something you could see catching on.

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(Lead image: Ice Falkirk / Facebook)