Machu Picchu Will Soon Be Open To Tourists In Two Shifts

The Peruvian government is rolling out some new guidelines for your visit.

Machu Pichu, the ancient Inca ruins nestled on a picturesque mountain top near Cuzco, Peru is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s a regular bucket list item. As such, the ruins are constantly populated by tourists.

The sacred site of Machu Pichu attracted nearly 1.5 million visitors last year alone, which is a growth of 11 per cent from the year before. While this is great for Peru’s tourism sector, it poses a problem for the sanctity of the site.


As such, the Peruvian government has been taking measures to ensure that it remains protected. From July 1 this year, the UNESCO World Heritage site will be accepting visitors over two different shift times, 6am-12pm and 12-5.30pm. This is good to keep in mind if you were hoping to visit the site later this year.

The shift times have been introduced to make sure that the influx of tourists can be properly controlled. The statement announcing the change read: “This measure is adopted with the aim of ensuring a better flow of tourism, conservation and preservation of the citadel.” This is in keeping with the move to restrict the number of tourists trekking the Inca trail, a strategy that has been in place for years now.


Photo: fortherock/Flickr

Measures like this are super important to ensure that we can still visit our favourite sites well into the future.