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Australia’s Most Famous Croissant Is Getting A Limited-Edition Chocolate Version

As we all know, World Chocolate Day is on July 7. It’s a day that demands everyone stuff their faces with as much chocolate as possible, and Lune Croissanterie and Koko Black are teaming up to help Melbourne do exactly that.

Widely regarded as serving up the best croissant in Australia, and one of the best in the entire gosh darn world, Lune Croissanterie are doing us a solid this year and making an extra-special chocolate version of their famous croissant. This is not a drill!

They’re teaming up with Koko Black, aka Australia’s star-power chocolatiers, to create a masterpiece that will absolutely end diets. Think about a Lune croissant, and then stuff it full of Koko Black pistachio marzipan, pistachio and toasted cacao nib frangipane, and a dark chocolate ganache. Drool. Everything’s sprinkled with chopped-up pistachios and shards of dark chocolate. DROOL.


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This might sound familiar – the two baking powerhouses first made it for last year’s World Chocolate Day, and it sold out within an hour. A single hour. Melbourne, I love your style.

This time around, it’ll be available for three days – July 5 to 7. You can get your hands on it at any Koko Black store in Melbourne. This goes without saying, but you should get there early to avoid missing out. Like, really early. There’s no shame in arriving as the doors open.

(Lead image: Koko Black Chocolate / Facebook)