A Louis Theroux-Themed Nightclub Tour Has Launched In The UK

If you’re a fan of quirky UK documentarian and investigative journalist Louis Theroux and have always found your nightclub experiences lacking, take comfort in the fact that a Theroux-themed club tour launched over the weekend.

Kicking off in London, the impeccably named We Gotta Get Theroux This tour will make its way around the UK, from Cambridge and Bath to Manchester, Edinburgh, and everywhere in between.

“We all know Louis Theroux is the ultimate bae, so here at Louis Theroux Appreciation Tour HQ, we have put together a club night dedicated to the man himself!” a post on the tour’s official Facebook page reads.

So, what can one expect on a Louis Theroux-themed night out? Clips from the documentary maker’s most popular works will be broadcast about the place, while revellers will be decked-out in a shirt featuring Theroux’s face.

Tickets are on sale now and start at $8.80 (£5) per person.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if Theroux is across the event, rest assured, he is.

(Lead image: BBC)