Looking To Move Abroad? Here’s Where You’ll Be The Happiest

Thinking about making the move abroad? We’re happy to tell you that a study has been done to tell you where you should move overseas to be your happiest self.

Mexico came in third, thanks to its friendliness, weather and ease of settling in, with the Phillipines and Ecuador following closely behind.

Check out the top 10 happiest countries for migrants below:

  1. Costa Rica

  2. Malta

  3. Mexico

  4. The Phillipines

  5. Ecuador

  6. New Zealand

  7. Thailand

  8. Vietnam

  9. Panama

  10. Spain

For the full list, head here.

Interested in where Australia fell on the happiness scale? It came in at 24th on the happiness scale, but 16th overall when it comes to quality of life.

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(h/t Independent. Lead image: Costa Rica, Atanas Malamov / Unsplash)