Chile Has Been Named Lonely Planet’s Top Travel Destination For 2018

Time to reshuffle that bucket list.

Searching for travel inspo or ready to re-shuffle your travel bucket list? Lonely Planet has released its annual Best In Travel list for 2018, revealing the best countries to check out next year.

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Next year, the Chile’s citizens will unite to mark 200 years of independence. All the more reason to book flights to Santiago.

Image: Thomas Fields

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South Korea

In 2017, Seoul received a mega upgrade in the form of Seoul-lo 7017, a high-line park featuring bars, cafes and libraries along an old elevated highway.

Image: Janis Rozenfelds

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Famed for its incredible affordability and natural wonders, more than 300 beaches in Portugal were awarded the sought-after Blue Flag rating for safety, access and ecological responsibility in 2016.

Image: Luisa Azevedo

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Djibouti is Mother Nature at her best, boasting beckoning beaches, sunken lake shores and incredible whale shark diving opportunities.

Image: Francisco Anzola

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New Zealand

NZ has it all: Sweet hiking trails, sick ski slopes and some of the world’s most extraordinary wilderness. Plus, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump from Australia.

Image: Jean-Pierre Brungs

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The ancient and historically rich Mediterranean lands of Malta are dotted with prehistoric temples and tunnels. Arguably, it’s Europe’s cultural capitol.

Image: Ostap Senyuk

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Georgia is famed for its mountainous villages, black sea beaches and sprawling cave monastery, dating back to the 12th century. Its capital, Tbilisi, is known for its diverse architecture and maze-like cobblestone streets.

Image: 2Photo Pots

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The former Dutch colony of Mauritius become a British colonial possession in 1810 and remained so until 1968, when it gained independence. Now, it’s a popular tourist spot famed for its dazzling sapphire seas and luxe sea resorts.

Image: Dan Freeman

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China, home to the Great Wall and the world’s largest population, is no stranger to tourism, racking up more than 10 million visitors to the site annually.

Image: Redd Angelo

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South Africa

South Africa is arguably the wildlife capital of the world, boasting incredible beaches, mountains and wineries.

Image: Ken Treloar

(Lead image: Olga Stalska)

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