Tasmania Is Handing Out Free Thermals To Prepare Mainlanders For Tassie’s Chilly Winters

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Tasmania does the darndest things, and they’re kind of proud of it. The thing is, their state is so dang amazing they can absolutely get away with — especially when it’s something super generous, like handing out free long johns to visitors.

No, seriously. Travellers heading to Hobart airport on July 2 this year can nab themselves a free paid of sustainably made thermal pants made by Loan Johns — just look for the stand. Stocks are limited though, so be sure to get in quick.


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Why the heck are they doing this? Well, it’s a part of Tourism Tasmania’s ‘Off Season’ winter campaign. They know mainland Aussies don’t fully get winter in Tassie, but they also know we’re absolutely missing out. So they’re helping us out with some sinter gear to get us started.

“Tasmanians are a generous and creative bunch with a strong sense of community,” said John Fitzgerald, CEO Tourism Tasmania.

“We understand how to do winter properly and want to ensure our visitors are comfy and warm during their Off Season adventures. Our tourism industry has also got on board this campaign with hundreds of creative Off Season experiences that visitors can only enjoy during winter in Tassie”.


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Speaking of Tasmania in winter — while it might be cold and many of us may choose to dash off to a different part of the country where it stay balmy all year round — if you lean into the weather and embrace the experience, it can actually be better than a summer vacay.

Don’t believe me? We asked a local for their top reasons why Tassie was better in winter, and to be honest, we’re convinced. You can read them here.

(Lead image: provided / Tourism Tasmania)