Photographer Captures The Quaint Beauty Of Kyoto’s Tiny Architecture

A side of the city less seen.

Kyoto, once Japan’s capital, is now known as the biggest cultural hub in the country, famous for its classical Buddhist temples, sprawling gardens and colossal imperial palaces.

One photographer however, recognised a side of the city less seen, and decided to share it with the world.

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John Einarsen, founder of Kyoto Journal, began his Small Buildings of Kyoto series in 2015, taking shots of miniature buildings on his iPhone during his daily bike rides, quietly paying tribute to the underappreciated yet utterly beautiful architecture of Kyoto.

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Since then he has taken over 200 images of homes, businesses and workshops, as well as the odd teahouse or shrine.

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The buildings are truly quaint, revealing an entirely new side to the amazing city.

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Einarsen asked his followers if they’d like to see his works published in a book and, in an overwhelming response, he raised more than $10,000 in six days through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

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If you’d like to get your hands on his new book, it’s available to purchase for $23 (¥2100). Alternatively, give his Instagram a visit.

(Lead image: @kyotojournal / Instagram)

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