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Cancel Your Weekend Plans: These Japanese Custard Eclairs Are Heading To Melbourne

If you’ve ever waited in a line that snakes around the block for a treat from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart or an apple puff from Pafu, you’re in luck — the team behind those mouth-watering creations is bringing another Japanese dessert to Melbourne.

Come mid-July, the newly-opened restaurant Kurimu will serve Japanese cream choux pastries named, appropriately, Kurimu. The dessert kind of looks like a long éclair, except it’s filled with crème custard and covered with a nutty crème patisserie topping.

Each Kurimu will be filled with custard to order so that the outside stays crunchy and the inside stays gooey soft, making it the perfect treat for winter. The masterminds behind this hot dessert spot recommend eating them on the spot. We don’t need to be told a second time.


They’ll cost just under $4 each, but we’re pretty sure that everyone’s going to want more of these — so you can score a four-pack for under $15.

The creators describe Kurimu as a fusion of French and Japanese cultures, combining top tier desserts from each culture to create one magnificent winter treat.

The first Kurimu store is set to open in Melbourne Central in mid-July, and they’ve got big plans for the rest of Australia in the coming months.

(Images: Kurimu / supplied)