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Kmart Has Released A Fancy Goon Sack Bag So You Can Sneak Your Vino To The Park

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Between warmer weather and Covid-related precautions, summer is all about the outdoor gatherings. To me that means picnics and day drinking.

Enter Kmart, store of my heart, and their new must-have item: the Wine Carrier with Drink Dispenser. Aka, a really fancy goon sack that won’t make anyone look at you twice when you sneak it carry it out where it’s absolutely legal to do so.

Image: Kmart

The bag features a large main compartment with a bunch of pockets to carry all your picnic accessories (although apparently it’s not intended to carry your food. Then there’s a smaller insulated pocket with a removable bladder bag that fits inside it, and pokes out the side with a pouring spout.

It’s also pretty darn cute with its white and blue stripes, all for a very reasonable $25. I’ve bought picnic blankets for more than that. You can buy it here, but judging by how fast their other offers have sold out, you’d better get in quick.

Image: Kmart

While you’re there, you may as well nab yourself some new outdoor furniture from their super affordable and very cute summer collection.

The bag is a no brainer, sourcing the wine, however, is a much bigger question. Should you go organic wine (even though it doesn’t actually save you from a hangover like that urban legend would have you believe)? Maybe you should use it as an excuse to hit up all the amazing wine regions we have around the country — wine never tastes better than from the cellar door, right?

Either way, I need the bag. Please and thank you.

(Lead Image: Kmart)