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Could You Finish The Sunshine Coast’s 1kg Donut?

Challenge accepted.

Do you ever stop to think and appreciate how fortunate we are to exist at a moment in time when there are competitive eating challenges for all tastes? There are giant ramen challenges, secret nacho challenges and 5kg cakes delivered straight to your hotel room.

Now, in our own backyard, a Sunshine Coast bakery has challenged visitors to complete a monstrous 1kg donut.

The $20 behemoth is served up by the folks at Kenilworth Bakery and comes stuffed with your choice of jam, Nutella or custard. But while it’s already a bargain, you’ll get your lobster back and a plaque on the bakery’s wall if you polish off the lot.

But before you go getting overly confident, it’s worth noting that it’s not as easy as it sounds: According to the Urban List, it takes around two hours to get through the sugary beast (though there’s no time limit), and only 10 of the 50 punters who’ve had a crack at it in the week since it launched have finished.

If you reckon you’re up for the challenge, come prepared. Because of the, er, specialised nature of the dessert, you’ll need to send the bakery a message via their Facebook page the day before you intend on taking it on to ensure they’re ready for you.

At the time of writing, 75 people had messaged the page, so it looks like you’ll have some competition. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Sunshine Coast Airport (Maroochydore)
  • Drive 61km via Eumundi Kenilworth Road
  • Kenilworth Bakery, 8 Elizabeth Street, Kenilworth


(Lead image: Kenilworth Bakery / Facebook)