A Pygmy Possum Has Been Seen On Kangaroo Island For The First Time Since The Bushfires

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Here to stat your Monday off on an adorable note, is the very first (and ridiculously adorable) pygmy possum to be found on Kangaroo Island since the horrific bushfires earlier in 2020.

As the world’s smallest possum (awwwww), the aptly named Little pygmy possum (or Cercartetus lepidus) is the smallest known possum in the world. You guys, they weigh seven grams. Seven. That’s like, a finger, probably.

Typically, the species has been found in Tasmania, parts of Victoria, Kangaroo Island and other parts of South Australia — but these last two came into doubt this year.

While local ecologist kept hope, they were far from certain about seeing the very little guys again, as the fires wiped out the majority of their habitat. Speaking to the ABC, Fauna ecologist Pat Hodgens explained just how exciting the new find was.

“There’s only really been 113 formal records of the species [ever on Kangaroo Island],” he said.

“So certainly not very common and, obviously, the summer bushfires burnt through much of that habitat that species had, but we were certainly hopeful that we would find them”.

Given how small they are, Hodgens went on to explain that they’re very hard to find and study. Sneaky little fellas.

😀 20 fauna sites surveyed
😀 Worked with 20 landholders across 10 properties in the North West Conservation Alliance…

Posted by Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife on Friday, December 4, 2020

In a Facebook post celebrating the discovery, Kangaroo Island Land For Wildlife explained that jet 16 staff members had been working “with 20 landholders across 10 properties in the North West Conservation Alliance management zone” to rescue native animals since the bushfires.

Besides the possums, they also managed to find bandicoots, native bush rats, Western and Little pygmy possums, brush-tailed possums, wallabies, heath goannas and plenty more.

Honestly though, I will never recover from how cute this possum is. This, THIS is a pet size I’d be into.

(Lead Image: Facebook / Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife)