This Disney Super Fan Has Ridden His Favourite Ride 10,000 Times

There’s lots to love about the Disneyland – the magic, being happy all day long, getting to meet your childhood heroes and, of course, the thrilling rides.

Yep, we love Disneyland — just not as much as this guy does.

Blogger and YouTuber Jon Hale loves it so much that, last week, he rode the Cars-themed roller coaster Radiator Springs at Disneyland’s California Adventure for the 10,000th time.

Back in 2010, before the ride was even open to the public, Hale’s favourite way to spend his time was exploring the Disneyland Park, despite the fact that his weight made it difficult for him.

In 2012, Hale dropped 70kg on his weight loss journey, meaning getting around the park is now a whole lot easer. Still, he was unable to ride most of the roller coasters due to preexisting knee issues.

Radiator Springs Disneyland

Image: Disney Parks and Resorts

Then, he found Radiator Springs, which was just the right fit for him to sit comfortably and enjoy a thrilling ride.

Five years later, Hale has racked up 10,000 rides, and has made plenty of friends along the way. The Disneyland crew became a kind of a second family for Hale, with some even inviting him to their weddings.

Radiator Springs Disneyland

Image: Disney Parks and Resorts

If it’s been done more than 10,000 times, we reckon it must be worth travelling for.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Los Angeles International Airport
  • Take the LAX towards Disneyland
  • Walk 800m
  • Disneyland Park, 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA


(Lead Image: Jon Hale)