Jetstar Could Be Slinging $19 Flights Soon, So Hit Up The Group Chat To Plan Your Post-Iso Holiday

We can all agree that everyone deserves a little holiday. While that’s not going to happen anytime soon, the good news is that things might kick off with $19 Jetstar flights from Sydney to Melbourne.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce made the announcement earlier this week, suggesting that the airline’s budget arm might cut the cost of domestic flights once travel restrictions are relaxed.

Jetstar flights could cost as little as $19 from Sydney to Melbourne.

“On Melbourne-Sydney you could see Jetstar have $39 airfares, you could see $19 airfares and we’ll still cover our cash costs on those flights,” Joyce said.

The news is hardly surprising, with lots of airlines looking for ways to stimulate passenger demand once it’s safe to travel again.

Whatever the reason, it’s just nice to have a bit of a win. We can only do so many puzzles and make so many whipped coffees before we start daydreaming (again) about visiting friends and family in other states.

Joyce also revealed the three things we should expect once domestic flights are back in action, including the fact that domestic travel will resume long before international travel does.

Of course, domestic air travel is at least a few months off, and no cheap Jetstar flights are on sale yet. But the tease of a $19 ticket is a nice light at the end of this self-isolation tunnel.

(Lead image: Hendri Lidayani / Unsplash)