You Could Own This Lush Private Island In The Bahamas If You Have A Spare $25 Mil

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More than once in my life, and more than once a day during the last year of lockdowns and turmoil, I’ve daydreamed of having my own private island in the Caribbean to flit off to when I felt like it. Or maybe just stay there permanently to avoid all the people with their germs, I don’t know.

Well, if only I had a casual $25 million to throw around, now would be my chance. I’d even get my own wild flamingos.

Seeing as I don’t have that kind of money, I guess you’re the one with a chance to buy this stunner of a tropical island in The Bahamas. Then, of course, you’ll do the right thing and invite me along with you. Please and thank you.

At just over seven square kilometres, St Andrew’s (aka Little Ragged Island) is actually not ragged at all. It’s all white sand beaches, bright blue waters, and lush rainforest.

“Grouper, snapper, barracuda, tuna, and kingfish aplenty swim the gorgeous reefs and warm waters beyond the island’s sandy beachfront,” states the listing.

“Spectacular snorkelling and sailing are favoured local activities, or you can watch for wild pink flamingos in the shallow water off the beaches along the chain”.

According to the auction website, it’s the largest island for sale in the Bahamas right now, so there’s a bragging right — as if owning your island wasn’t enough on its own. I’ll be honest, this is probably going to be the next site of a luxury resort, so I guess we penniless fools can just book a holiday when it opens.

If you’re feeling flush though (hi, new best friend), by all means, go put in a bid here.

(All images: Concierge Auctions)