Is This The World’s Most Amazing Road Trip?

You probably won't need to resort to playing "I Spy".

Norway’s Atlantic Ocean Road, located in the mid-west part of the country’s coastline, is an 8.3km drive linking the islands that punctuate the Norwegian Sea. The roller-coaster road crosses eight bridges totalling 900 metres in length, including the iconic Storseisundet Bridge, often referred to as the “drunk bridge” which lurches at angles that seem impossible.

The road teetering on the edge of the sea is often referred to as one of the most beautiful roads in the world, but it can also be one of the most treacherous. On a stormy day, the rough Norwegian sea bashes against the road dramatically, sometimes reaching above the barriers.


In fact, the harsh weather even halted the construction of the bridge – the area was hit with 12 hurricanes while it was being built in the ’80s, stretching out the construction time to over six years.

On a clear day, however, the fjords provide the perfect backdrop to the trip, so you can take your time while taking in the phenomenal views.