Instagrammer Of The Week: @_markfitz

These will inspire you to take a dip.

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Water. H2O. Aqua. Whether it’s sitting by the pool, exploring the ocean or even getting your recommended eight glasses a day, it’s the absolute life force of humanity. Perhaps that’s why mankind is so drawn to it. No one knows that better than Mark Fitz, a travel photographer and Instagram star who specialises in ocean shots. His sea-side adventures seem endless and inspire us to want to take a dip. Here’s five of our favourite shots.


A photo posted by Mark Fitzpatrick (@_markfitz) on

Visibility: high. Enjoying a splash in the crystal clear waters of the Carribean off the Mexican coast.


A photo posted by Mark Fitzpatrick (@_markfitz) on

Is ‘Mexican Sunset’ a cocktail name? It should be. The sun dips into the water of the Nichupte Lagoon in Mexico.


A photo posted by Mark Fitzpatrick (@_markfitz) on

A sweet new friend at Xcaret Park in Mexico.


Queensland’s Moreton Island is showing off a bit here, if you ask us.


A photo posted by Mark Fitzpatrick (@_markfitz) on

Shipwreck spotting is a regular everyday hobby at Moreton Island.

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