In Japan, There’s A Museum For Rocks That Look Like Faces

Because of course there is.

This museum for rocks that look like faces is peak Japan.

This weird little collection of rocks is located in Chichibu, around two hours north-west of Tokyo, and the museum is called Chinsekikan, which translates to”hall of curious rocks”.

Every single one of the 1700 rocks within the museum sits on a tiny podium to showcase its natural features. While most of the rocks are just faces, there are actually a few celebrities in the mix!

The look-alike rocks include Elvis Presley, Donkey Kong, Nemo, and of course, Jesus. While some of the likenesses are a little tenuous, they get by with the help of a few cute accessories.

So how did this ever come to be? Over 60-years-ago, a man named Shozo Hayama began collecting rocks with faces on them, and the rest – as they say – is history. Since his death in 2010, his wife has kept the dream alive.

Rock on Japan, rock on.

(All photos: Another Tokyo)