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Level-Up Your Next Drinks Sesh With These DIY Alcoholic Bubble Tea Kits

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There’s no shortage of cocktail delivery services these days (thank god), but the latest contender is here and she isn’t playing. The Burwood Hotel in Sydney is now selling DIY alcoholic bubble tea kits so you can learn how to make bubble tea at home.

The venue has given us a little treat. Six of the bar’s most popular alcoholic bubble teas are now being shipped across Sydney in cute DIY kits.


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When you place an order, the bar sends you a cocktail survival kit with all the ingredients you’ll need to make a big jug of its renowned boozy bobas at home for yourself and your socially-approved number of visitors.

The Espresso Boba Milk Tea kit comes with a premix of Kahlua, Baileys, and vodka as well as 1 litre of milk and four packets of black tapioca pearls.

You can also get a Long Island Boba Tea kit, Raspberry Long Island Boba Tea kit, Tropical Boba Tea kit, and a Yogurt Boba Soju kit.

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Just a reminder that these are the geniuses who made a margarita bubble tea and, yes, this is one of the drinks being delivered. The margarita kit comes with tequila, lime juice, honey aloe vera, dehydrated lime wheels, and lychee popping boba.

Every DIY kit also comes with four specialty boba cups with lids, straws, a shot glass for measurements (or actual shots, do you), and a recipe card for how to make bubble tea. The margarita kit serves more people and so it comes with five of each.

Order the boba cocktail survival kits on the Burwood Hotel website here, and use the code FREESHIP to get free shipping until May 19. If you live outside the Sydney Metro area you’ll have to pick up your order from the venue.

Friday drinks are about to go off!

(Lead image: The Burwood Hotel / Instagram)