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Survey Says Hamburg Boasts The World’s Best Night Out

Ask 100 travellers which city boasts the world’s best nightlife, and no doubt you’ll get 100 different answers.

But a new survey from Hostelworld suggests it’s not New York or London or even Eivissa that puts on a world-beating show after dark. Nope, the survey of 4100 locals from 41 cities in 27 countries showed Hamburg in Germany is the best place for an unforgettable night out thanks to its array of activities, attitudes and experiences.

Participants also ranked cities by the price of food, drinks and leisure activities, along with the friendliness of locals, safety, and ease of getting around.

It was followed by Danish capital Copenhagen and club powerhouse Berlin. In fact, all but two of the top 10 party cities were in Europe. Scroll down to see if your favourites made the list.

#1 Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Image: Meduana

Boasting institutions like HALO Club, Bahnhof Pauli (an underground club in a train station) and Baalsaal, Hamburg was practically made for late nights. In fact, most locals don’t even head out on the town until midnight.

#2 Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Image: Nick Karvounis

Copenhagen is super safe, making it the perfect playground for first-time travellers or those travelling alone to hit the town. The city’s public transport system is among the world’s most efficient, but make sure you save your pennies – a night out can wreak havoc on your wallet.

#3 Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Image: Pablo Hermoso

The home of Berghain, often dubbed the world’s best – and most exclusive – club, Berlin is a party institution. It’s also one of the cheapest nights out in the survey’s top 10.

#4 Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Image: William Murphy / Flickr

A veritable wonderland of genuine Irish pubs, Dublin boasts some of the world’s friendliest locals – which is excellent news for those travelling without a drinking buddy.

#5 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Image: Daniil Vnoutchkov

Amsterdam’s nightlife is the stuff of legend and, even better, the city scored highly for openness and safety, meaning you can enjoy yourself without a worry. It’s also home to all manner of unique spaces, like De School, which – as the name suggests – occupies an old school building.

#6 San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, USA

Image: Rezaul Karim

San Francisco might seem more foodie hub than party city, it offers an incredible array of food, dink and fun, meaning there’s something to keep every type of traveller entertained.

#7 Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Image: Maria Eklind / Flickr

Gothenburg’s friendly locals earned it a spot in the top 10. A student town, it’s brimming with cheap bars and drink specials – if you know where to look.

#8 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Image: Milan Chudoba

The top night out for under $55 (P30), Prague is super easy to get around, meaning you can make the most of the city’s stellar after-dark scene without too much trouble.

#9 Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Image: Alexey Topolyanskiy

Also an affordable night out, Warsaw’s inclusion in the top 10 is anything but a curveball. With a fun student vibe, the city is brimming with cosy bars, great food and cheap Polish beers.

#10 New York, USA

New York City, USA

Image: Joseph Yates

New York is known as the City that Never Sleeps for a reason, you know. With a huge variety of food, drink and late-night activities, it boasts everything from Irish pubs to speakeasies and live music venues.

(Lead image: Florian Wehde)