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The Breakfast Gods Have Given Melbourne A Cosy, Delicious Cafe Dedicated To Crumpets

Breakfast food is the best food, and facts are facts. Sugary cereal, fruit bowls and fluffy pancakes will always be solid meal choices, and now Melbourne’s CBD has scored an entire cafe dedicated to one of the top tier breakfast foods. Holy Crumpets serves nothing by fancy AF crumpets.

Whether you’ve perfected your morning crumpet routine or haven’t experimented beyond whacking butter on top of the Golden Crumpets 6-pack, Holy Crumpet is here to give the humble breakfast food a glow-up.

The cafe bakes sourdough crumpets in-house daily, toasts them in butter and tops them with locally sourced ingredients.


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There are traditional options like Vegemite, jam and Victorian honey. And then there are crumpets that come dripping with passionfruit curd and ricotta, a chocolate crumpet with toasted marshmallow, and a savoury number with grilled cheese and caramelised onions.

How do you like your peanut butter? Three varieties wait for you here, from a rich, dark roast to one made with macadamia and wattle.

No matter what topping you choose, the crumpets here all cost $5. There are a few “Fancy Bois” on the menu for $7, special seasonal creations that’re definitely worth the extra couple of bucks.

And because the best thing to drink with breakfast is coffee, Holy Crumpets also sells that. It’s the good stuff too, from Melbourne’s Wood & Co, and it’s joined by a couple of tea and chai brews.

Melbourne’s been showing off lately with a whole heap of new cafes, restaurants and bars popping up. It’s now home to a neon-lit Tex Mex cantina, a new vegan menu at Hot Pot Dragon, and it’s even getting a limited-edition Once Upon A Time In Hollywood-themed bar.

(Lead image: Holy Crumpets / Facebook via Parker Blain)