Here Are The 10 Most Visited US National Parks

And no, the Grand Canyon isn't #1.

The USA has some of the most stunning and diverse national parks that you can imagine. Ranging from towering forests to deep, dry canyons, each national park is nothing like the next. Unless you count the fact that they all have stellar Instagram accounts. Of course, US National Parks are a super popular attraction for tourists and locals to frequent.

The US Department of the Interior released information on the ten most visited US national parks for 2016. And no, number one isn’t the Grand Canyon, if that’s what you were thinking.

Have a look at these beauties:

#10 Glacier National Park, Montana

glacier np

St Mary Lake, Glacier National Park. Image: Wikipedia Creative Commons

#9 Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Image: Jeff Gunn / Flickr

#8 Acadia National Park, Maine

#7 Olympic National Park, Washington

#6 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Image: Randon Myles / Flickr

#5 Zion National Park, Utah

#4 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

#3 Yosemite National Park, California


#2 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


Image: Rob / Flickr

#1 Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee