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On Ya Broomsticks! Harry Potter Brunch Is Coming To Melbourne

Earlier in the year when we announced that a Harry Potter-themed Wizard’s Brunch was heading to Sydney, you guys just about lost your damn muggle minds. Well brace yourselves, because on account of wildly popular demand, and in the best news since Harry defeated Voldemort, Melbourne is getting one of their very own.

Pool your galleons and hop on ya broomsticks, we’re heading down south!

Yep, Melbs will be hosting its own round of feasts early next year when The Wizard’s Brunch comes to town. Melbourne Town Hall will be transformed into Hogwarts’ Great Hall for the very special occasion.

wizards brunch

Image: The Wizard’s Brunch / Facebook

As far as we know, the format will be the same as the Sydney leg, so you can expect a totally immersive experience like no other, combining dining and entertainment. You’ll learn spells, drink magic potions (a schooner of butterbeer, thanks) and eat from platters fit for a wizard.

You better believe there will also be Quidditch, a few sorting ceremonies (please not Slytherin) and wand lessons.

wizards brunch

Image: The Wizard’s Brunch / Facebook

The Wizard’s Brunch will kick off on Saturday, January 12, and tickets – starting at $250 per head – are on sale now. But judging from last time, they’ll be gone very bloody quickly, so get yours here now!

It’s going be Sirius(ly) fun. A night you’ll Neville forget.

(Lead image: Harry Potter / Warner Bros.)