You Are Not Ready For The Magic Of This Harry Potter-Themed Airbnb

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I’m not normally a person who advocates going on holiday and spending the whole time in your hotel — even if it’s a fancy one. However, I would absolutely change all my rules for the chance to stay at this Harry Potter-themed Airbnb, and never go outside.

And yes, I am fully aware it’s in Florida and that obviously isn’t happening any time soon, but a woman can dream.

In fact, the owners have really pimped out their location, being only 30 minutes away from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. Well played.


The house — aptly named Wizard’s Way villa — has a total of eight rooms, each themed to a different aspect of Harry Potter. Seriously it’s so cute, with everything from a Slytherin dorm room, to the Hogwarts Express, to Dumbledore’s office, to the Whomping Willow.


Personally, you’ll find me in the Forbidden Forest theatre room. Yes I said theatre room, this place is bougie. Imagine a holiday just to binge-watch all the Harry Potter movies INSIDE the forest where all the scary stuff takes places. Best weekend ever, is all I’m saying. OMG and the Quidditch Field games room. You get it, this place is my childhood dream.


Not content with a simple theme, the owners have also hidden easter eggs from the books and films throughout the house, including Horcruxes (!!) for you to find. Honestly, it’s a straight-up escape room that you get to sleep in. Forget what I said about watching the movies, just re-create them for yourself.


If you’re also still mourning the fact you never got your acceptance letter, a good 15 years later, this could be the closest we get. You’ll find this magic rental here, with prices currently at USD$439.06 a night.


Please someone replicate this in Australia and invite me, immediately.

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