There Will Be Guide Dog Puppies On A Melbourne Tram Today, Aka The Best Day Of The Year

Look, we’re all still trying to ease into 2019 but it’s hard. To help you get back into things, Guide Dogs Victoria is bringing back the Guide Dog Puppy Tram for one magical day only.

From 2­pm to 3pm this afternoon, a bunch of adorable guide dogs in training will be riding the number 19 tram down Elizabeth Street in the Melbourne CBD.

That means it’s free to jump on and give all your love and pats to these soon-to-be service dogs. Get yourself on board if you’re in Melbourne because pretty much nothing is better than this.


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The dogs aren’t just there to be cute and get well-deserved pats. The event will raise awareness for Dialogue in the Dark, an immersive sensory experience that simulates what it’s like to live with impaired vision. Participants will be led through Melbourne by a visually-impaired tour guide and are encouraged to engage with the environment using their other senses. You can book tickets for the experience until the end of June.

The stars of the show will be hopping on the guide dog puppy tram at Flinders Street Station. Follow the Guide Dogs Victoria Facebook page and the tramTRACKER app to stay up to date with the event.

(Lead image: Guide Dogs Victoria)