A New Blue Hole Has Been Discovered In The Great Barrier Reef

'What we found inside was hard to believe.'

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With the ocean covering more than 70 per cent of the earth’s surface and only 5 per cent having been explored, new oceanic discoveries are among the scientific community’s most exciting.

Now, Queensland marine biologist Johnny Gaskell has discovered an uncharted blue hole around 95km off the coast of the Whitsunday Islands, capturing some incredible footage of his expedition in the process.

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Blue holes are large marine sinkholes which are open to the surface and descend deep into the earth. They’re home to marine ecologies like limestone, coral reef and an array of fish species.

“After spotting this blue hole on Google Maps, we decided to head far offshore, further than our normal reef trips to see what dwelled within,” Gaskell said in a press release. “What we found inside was hard to believe.”

Gaskell says the hole is between 15 and 20m deep, and is home to expansive coral life – among some of the biggest he has ever seen. He suspects the hole’s walls have acted as a natural barrier, allowing the coral to flourish.

The exact location of the Great Barrier Reef‘s newest blue hole is hidden, keeping it a local secret for the time being.

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