Calling All Idiot Sandwiches: You Can Apply For Gordon Ramsay’s New Foodie Travel Show

Eventually, international travel is going to be a thing that exists again, and when it does Gordon Ramsay and a bunch of young travellers will be ready to inspire us with good food and epic destinations on a new travel show.

As it turns out, if you’re aged between 18 and 21, you could be one of those young travellers.

Ramsay took to Twitter to announce the new show and the opportunity to be on it — to be honest he seems SO much nicer now than the guy who made someone an idiot sandwich. Maybe he won’t be so terrifying to work alongside?

It won’t be as easy as exploring new destinations and tasting yummy things though, apparently participants will need to get involved in some pretty high-adrenaline activities as well. But they’ll also learn the history and culture of each location, so there’s a good balance here, IMO.

“Do you dream of traveling to an international destination?” asks the entry page. “Do you have a desire to explore the world? Do you have a passion for culture, food, and adventure? If you have a strong curiosity to experience and discover new cultures, apply today for your greatest travel adventure”.

Applications are open now until October 3, over on the website. It doesn’t appear to mention anything about which country you need to be living in, although a few comments on the announcement post mention they discovered it was for the USA only. Maybe just give it a go and see what happens?

(Lead Image: Twitter / @Studio_Ramsay)