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Herbivores On Tour: These Are The World’s Most Vegetarian-Friendly Countries

There are some countries that make delicious vegetarian destinations.

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Travelling when you don’t eat meat can be challenging, but there are some countries that make delicious destinations for the herbivores among us – and a new ranking proves it.

Compiled by the folks over at Oliver’s Travels, the Global Vegetarian Index ranks 183 countries by their per-capital meat consumption and the number of vegetarian restaurants compared with their population.

Thanks to its low meat consumption, plentiful vegetarian restaurants and comparably small population, the Seychelles took out the top spot, with Thailand and Malaysia coming in second and third respectively. Scroll down to see which other countries made the top 10.

1 / 10


Image: Vitalii Ustymenko

2 / 10


Image: Pavan Trikutam

3 / 10


Image: Joshua Anand

Sao Tome and Principe
4 / 10

Sao Tome and Principe

Image: Sao Tome Islands

Macchu Pichu
5 / 10


Image: Scott Umstattd

6 / 10


Image: Duy Nguyen

Cambodia river market
7 / 10


Image: Harvey Enrile

Solomon Islands
8 / 10

Solomon Islands


Image: Jenny Scott / Flickr

The Shard London
9 / 10

United Kingdom

Image: Fred Mouniguet

Cheetah in Botswana
10 / 10


Image: Andy Brunner

You can browse the full index on the Oliver’s Travels website.

(Lead image: Ja Ma)

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