The Ultimate Round-The-World Gap Year Itinerary, According To Your Personality

When it comes to travel, personality is everything.

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When it comes to travel, personality and preference is everything. You wouldn’t go to Africa if you couldn’t stand the heat; it’d be a bit silly to hit up Rio if you were averse to beaches and dancing. But there’s a gap year itinerary for everyone out there – trust us.

Though the big, wide world out there is full of amazing experiences, it pays to know what sort of experiences are best for you. Planning a gap year or a study-break jaunt? Factor in the needs of your unique personality and indulge in a tailor-made trip of a lifetime.

For the budget-conscious backpacker traveller seeking extreme adventures off the beaten track, we’ve got you covered with three awesome personality-driven round-the-world gap year itineraries, to make sure you nail exactly what you need in your next thrilling international adventure.

If you have a travel bucket list a mile long

You’re the type that likes to go big without breaking the bank. You want to take in all the heavy hitters, the amazing landmarks from the natural and human-made world and capture it all via your Instagram newsfeed.

The world is full of must-see destinations, and though they might be dotted all over the planet, who says you can’t tick them off the bucket list in one, well-coordinated swoop?

To kick things off, head to the Great Wall of China, the epic 2,700-year-old, 21,000km, Ming Dynasty fortification that cuts across the Chinese mainland.

Back that epic-ness up with the perfect second act: a night under the full moon at India’s Taj Mahal, arguably the greatest architectural dedication to human love in history.

From ancient wonders, take a beeline for something a little more modern (yet no less mind-blowing): the Palm Islands of Dubai, including the Universe and World archipelagos, one of the most incredible human-constructed feats of engineering in history.

Resuming to the ancient world, head for the dusty deserts of Egypt and get snap happy at the Pyramids of Giza.

London calls after that with a round of UK goodness and an eyeful of Big Ben by the Houses of Parliament. Follow this up with a valiant third act in South America: Rio’s monumental Christ the Redeemer statue, the roaring whitewash of the Argentinian Iguazu Falls, the mysterious city in the sky at Peru’s Machu Picchu, Bolivia’s otherworldly Salar de Uyuni salt flats, and finally the colourful houses and funicular railways of Chile’s Valparaíso. Go big, or go home.

If you’re a foodie who loves big cities

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You like to eat, you like to drink, and you like to do both, together and in style.

Your palate is well-honed for delicious delights – on and off the beaten track – and the search for new flavours has you aching to cover the far corners of the world.

Start eating in Melbourne, where one of the very best foodie scenes in the world continues to thrive with abundant fresh produce and locally-sourced gastronomic affairs.

From there, head hard and fast to what is arguably Asia’s most hallowed food HQ: bustling Hong Kong, home of a life-changing plethora of dumplings, soups, yum cha and street food – and the cheapest Michelin-starred eatery in the world.

From the ancient to the modern, big city Toronto has you covered with some of Canada’s most authentic and downright addictive poutine (why the rest of the world doesn’t indulge so readily in the holy fusion of chips, gravy and cheese curds is beyond us).

You’ll want to back that session up with a stint at the world’s HQ for diverse dining: New York City, where cuisine from everywhere can be found not only in the glittery lights of Manhattan, but the far nooks of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx (it’s also perfectly acceptable to dine solely on pizza slices). Best of all? Dining here doesn’t have to be expensive: some of the city’s most famous dishes cost little more than pocket change.

From sea to shining sea, fly to Honolulu for some incredible poke bowls, and the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, Filipino and Puerto Rican fusion that this amazing island is known for. It goes without saying that you may need some looser pants come the end of the trip.

If you’re a style seeker who likes luxury

Finesse, fashion, and luxury at every turn – when you decide to travel, you do it properly: in style. As far as you’re concerned, the glass slipper always trumps the shoestring (but you’re savvy enough to know how to get a good deal, too).

Make your way to the neon rush of metropolitan Tokyo, where Shibuya’s electric nightlife and shopping scene will satiate desires you didn’t even realise you had. Bargains can be found in some of the city’s popular vintage shops, too.

Shoot across to London for a jaunt down Savile Row, the MET, Bond St, Mayfair, and all the top-end strands of the Monopoly Board. London is renowned for some of the best high street shops in the world, as well– so make sure to pick up some directional pieces from home-grown chains that won’t break the bank.

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Milan awaits, meanwhile: the co-capital of EU fashion; with Paris and the Louvre guaranteed to fulfil every romantic urge. Take a cross-continental leap to the Big Apple for some New York style glitz and glam down Broadway and Fifth Avenue, or head to America’s West Coast for the splendour of Rodeo Drive and the LA bling set.


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