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FYI, This Is What A $3200 Entree Looks Like

Shelling out.

Introducing Australia’s most lavish, most romantic and most… well, expensive entrée.

The Langham Hotel in Sydney has proudly announced a special new dish that will really knock the socks off your significant other. It’s been added to the menu of the upscale Bistro Remy and it will only be available next Tuesday to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Priced at a cool $3200, the South Sea Pearl Entrée is described as an “exquisite and indulgent” dish, sporting two freshly shucked Sydney Rock oysters, each containing an Australian South Sea pearl – his and hers pearls as a V-Day take-home, oh so fancy.

The South Sea pearls are harvested off the coast of Broome in north-west W.A., the only region in the word which produces the rare sea stone.

The restaurant’s executive chef, Dave Whitting said, “We wanted to take the traditional, romantic dinner for two and make it something extraordinary. Pearls are known in mythology to strengthen relationships, so are the perfect accompaniment to our limited edition Valentine’s Day entrée”.

So, would you do it? Or, like J-Lo, does your love not cost a thing?

(Image: The Langham Hotel)