This Library In The Heart Of Greece Is So Cute And Fluffy We’re Gonna Die

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Nestling into your own little reading nook at home beats hanging out at the library any day, right? That’s only because you haven’t visited this adorable library that’s been created in Greece.

It’s just so fluffy!

Cultural organisation, Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture has transformed its first floor into a totally unconventional library space for reading and storytelling, welcoming people of all ages.

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It has been named #TextMe_FluffyLibrary, and operates as a workshop where people come together to discuss issues of gender roles and both human and non-human relationships.

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It’s a large-scale installation with surprise performances, storytelling, interesting art with a bunch of space for you to curl up and get comfy with your favourite book.

#TextMe_FluffyLibrary will run until 23 April, 2019. For more information, visit the website.

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(Lead image: Athens Culture