Fiji Is Talking About A Travel ‘Bula Bubble’ To Let Aussies In, But There Are Strings

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There’s a lot of talk of different travel bubbles lately, ones to let Aussie into New Zealand, others to let some states visit each other but not others, and now one to let Australians have a cheeky island vacay in Fiji.

Let me start by saying, like with all travel announcements of late, I’m taking it with a large grain of salt and I’ll believe it when it happens. However, has that stopped me from planning a million getaways that are ready to go as soon as we get the green light? Hell nah.


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The proposal would allow Aussies and New Zealanders into the country, however it would still require a clear coronavirus test 48 hours before their flights, and a two week quarantine which could either be done in Fiji or prior to departure in Australia (or NZ).

“Working with Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji, we’ll be welcoming Aussies and Kiwis to holiday in Fiji in a manner that is carefully controlled and safely insulated,” Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said.

On top of quarantine and testing measures, you would have to limit your movement around the country to specially approved resorts, transport and hotels.

“Everywhere they go will be wholly dedicated to others who match the same criteria, safely guided by what we’re calling ‘VIP lanes’, allowing them to vacation in paradise.”


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Sooooo, no, it’s not what you traditionally think of when you consider a Fijian holiday. There’s also another required COVID-19 test 48 hours before you leave again.

It’s…a lot.

If it doesn’t feel worth it to you under those circumstances (and who could blame you), there are plenty of beaches right here in Australia, hell you can even hire a private island without needing to be rich and famous.

Or just say “screw the beach” and get a change of pace by heading inland. The outback has some stunning landscapes and is rife with adventures.

Don’t worry, we’ll all get back to Fiji eventually.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Prem Kurumpanai)