These Are The World’s Favourite UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Now, more than ever, it’s so crucial to preserve our cultural and natural heritage. Groups like UNESCO play an important role in this task, giving us travellers the ability to visit truly amazing World Heritage-listed sites today.

Travel review website TripAdvisor has released an index showing the most popular of the UNESCO Cultural and Natural heritage sites, rated by travellers around the globe. A a bit of weekend travel inspo, here are the top 10.

#1 Angkor Wat, Cambodia

angkor wat

Image: Cristian Moscoso

#2 Taj Mahal, India

taj mahal

Image: Arash Bal

#3 Great Wall of China (Mutianyu)

great wall of china

Image: Hanson Lu

#4 Machu Picchu, Peru

machu picchhu

Image: Jeison Spaniol

#5 Iguazu National Park, Brazil/Argentina

iguazu falls

Image: Henrique Félix

#6 Sassi of Matera, Italy

sassi of matera

Image: Carlo Testa

#7 Auschwitz Birkenau, Poland


Image: Pixabay

#8 Old City of Jerusalem, Israel


Image: Rob Bye

#9 Historic areas of Istanbul, Turkey


Image: Luke Michael

#10 Historic Krakow, Poland


Image: Ostap Senyuk

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(Lead Image: Koushik C)