Beat The Crowds, These Will Be The Hottest Destinations To Visit In 2025

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Looking to discover the next hottest travel destinations before the crowds arrive? The fastest-growing travel spots around the globe have been revealed.

Yep, Travel deals website TravelSupermarket has used data from Euromonitor to determine which major cities around the world can expect the fastest percentage of growth in tourist arrivals by 2025.

According to the findings, the top 10 fastest-growing destinations in the world are: Jakarta, Indonesia; Denpasar, Indonesia; Jaipur, India; Cairo, Egypt; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Chennai, India; Agra, India; Phuket, Thailand; Delhi, India; and Siem Reap, Cambodia.

That’s right, all but one of these destinations is in Asia. South East Asia is where it’s at!

Don’t wait until 2025. Check out these incredible destinations now before they’re popular, and beat the crowds!

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(Lead image: Julian Yu / Unsplash)